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Plant Risk Assessment
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Address  :  Australian Risk Services 
operates in all National Cities and Regional Areas
Phone  :  1300 266 172
Mobile  :  0418 461 074
Overseas  :  61 418 461 074
     61 418 461 074


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Our goal is to maximise the wealth of clients through proactively identifying and managing their risks and maximising their competitive edge by staying one step ahead of their opposition and ensuring legislative compliance.

Australian Risk Services is a multidisciplinary firm of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), environmental consulting, project risk and strategic commercial risk management. Australian Risk Services has over 16 years of experience and has completed numerous risk management, safety and auditing projects during that time.

Australian Risk Services methodology provides a comprehensive approach to consistent decision making. Organisational systems are considered as well as the formulation of technical risk control strategies. This methodology provides a framework for the development of risk management systems, preventive actions and contingency plans within an integrated economic perspective. Australian Risk Services assists clients focusing on the “upside and downside” of business risk.

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  Australian Risk Services operates in all National Cities and Regional Areas - ph: 1300 266 172 - web: